Way Deep

Deep inside
A journey is traversed
Emotions, often not versed
Prissy, seeking to seem unafraid
There, where there lies the terror of living. Deep.

Deep inside me
Honesty at a crossroads with the blithe
Good versus the gung-ho; gnashing and kissing
Where the warmth of being loved is essential
It is where you keep the thoughts. My thoughts.

Deep inside me
A revelation is born
Conceived in the mystery of yearnings
Most beautiful is its forms
Yet simplicity is its object. You.

Deep inside us
Your egg comes to feel
the oil that is my affections
and in a pan of seductions
is born a Mellette of perfection. You and Me.

Deep, real deep
the dark chambers where we snuggle and snog
ignite passions, make love
deep, where our emotions hide
And where physically, we retrieve of them

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