Twelve years Later, she speaks out!

At Eighteen Jay thought she was pretty grown to listen to anyone, so she moved from the safety of her parents love to search for her own. Armed with a handful of cash she set out in search of her own path

No one thought she was gone until hours turned into days and days into months with no word from her. Her parent and sibling searched for her frantically with no success, there was nothing left for them but to trust in the almighty to keep her safe.

Miles from home for the first time Jay was busy looking for work, her resources were dwindling fast and if something didn’t come up soon she would have to make some very hard decisions’ she would either have to return home or take up the kind of work that was not acceptable for ‘good gals’ who had some sort of schooling, or so the society dictated! Who gave people the power to decide which job was for, or not for the good gals?

Anyway there was an opening in one of the bars for a waitress, Jay having thought hard decided that the job would have to do or she would have to be on her way home soon, that was the last thing she wanted!

With the job came every type of temptation Jay had ever encountered in her young life. The kind of lifestyle that would very much appease a teenager who had lived a sheltered life before. Jay took to drinking like a fish that had just been released in water after ages of living in the dust! Even with the new lifestyle change, Jay still looked fresh and naïve and with that came all kinds of preposition from men, young and old. Jay knew despite her rebellious ways, she would one day go back home and join college and did not want to fuck that up by getting involved in indiscriminate casual sex.

Because of her liberal but conservative ways, she attracted men like drones and most of them would do anything to be with her, she leveled in the attention.. of those men was Ralph, a dark tall soft spoken guy who was always giving Jay some treats. Without realizing it, Jay and Ralph became fast friends and the initial intentions of Ralph were forgotten, at least to Jay. On the other hand Ralph was just waiting for the right time to preposition to Jay again, but for now he was happy to just be her friend.

One evening after an evening of drinking and making merry, Jay and Ralph were walking home when the neighborhood burly appeared, Jay loathed him! He was rugged and good looking as well, the problem is that he thought he was God`s gift to women, his arrogance could be rivaled by none. This evening he was obviously drunk! He was trying to seduce Jay right there in front of Ralph, who obviously was infuriated and excused himself and left, Jay was scared when she realized that Ralph had deserted her but she would never admit. Steve (that was the name of the neighborhood burly) was coming way stronger on her, scared and angry at the same time Jay tried to strike a deal with Steve but he would hear none of it, eventually she managed to convince him that he would give in to him, but she needed to get back home soon as the following day would be a working day. Steve seemed convinced and even offered to walk her home but they had to pick something at his house since he lived just nearby.

It was  around 2 in the morning and it didn’t seem like a bad idea to have Steve walk her home even if they had to go by his house first. They carried over small talk on their way, Jay thought Steve was quite handsome when he was not bullying the girls in the neighborhood. On reaching his house, he told her to wait for him in the living room as he picked his jacket in the bedroom, she didn’t think much of it and sat on the nearest seat. After a while, Steve came back in the room and stealthily crossed over the room and locked the door…………

Then the worst came out of him, she threw her in the coach, ripped her clothes and raped her!

Just like that and her life was turned upside down, she cried throughout the ordeal…. then space….she was home…how ? she couldnt tell…..the last she remebers is scrubbing herself, trying to gt his essence from her…trying to distance herself with any of the last hours…

She was so angry with the world, with Ralph for abandoning her, with her parents for…. (she wasn’t sure why she was angry with her parents, but she felt they were to blame as well)  and herself. She recounted everything in her mind, trying to think of what she would have done to avoid the beastly act that had befallen on her but she couldn’t think logically at that time.

Up and early the following morning she reported to work….. the tears had long dried but something in her died that night. She started scheming, day in day had to work…he had to pay…….she would never forget… would never forgive……Everything was coming up as planned………………………

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