The Pit That is My Life

Sometimes I feel like I should say what I feel,

but what I feel is not always the right thing

I do not want to cause any undue tension in my life.

Is there anything as the right thing when you are doing the wrong all the time?

I might decide to sing my woes but then again I would have to welcome everybody into the seat

And the last thing I want is them to know my  real heart

So I cheat and cheat and cheat

Running away from the truth


But no matter how hard I ran,

I find myself being drawn to the truth every once in a while

I cannot afford having that!

I do not want to accept that the pain is still there

So I cover it with a lie

And now am a slave of my own world


A pit so deep I live

It will take an eternity to reach me

Yeah its easier living in the pit than digging for eternity

To get out

Where do I start? How do I live

Maybe I could start with  telling the truth

No that is too difficult

Where do I ran?

Whom do I ran to?


Fate has already decided, am better in the pit than out!


One thought on “The Pit That is My Life”

  1. it might seem like a long way out, but if you start climbing out one step each day eventually you will be above the pit
    The time is now!

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