The Pain

At the crack of dawn

Or not so early

The news received

Slices my heart and left it in pieces

The twinge felt

The tears that flowed

Left trails

indication of the hurt


Looking back

It should have been different

Or so I thought

Understanding was supposed to be the key

The most important of all traits

Trust !

All mislaid in one single telephone tête-à-tête


I plunked!

The sting smoldering my heart

Being felt in my body

As the tears freely flowed

Its killing me

What do I do to ease the pain?

Do I sleep, do I drink

Some pills, maybe?

The notion crosses my mind

Am I always the dupe of circumstances?


Close to me she stands

Close to me she comforts

Holding me, sharing on her strength

The warmth, the love

As she holds, and empathize

And from within

I know, I have always known

She is real, she is a friend

And the pain is bearable again!

3 thoughts on “The Pain”

  1. yeah gal that was touching what else can a friend do for such a great present of a friend who is God sent straight from heaven apart from always being there thru thick n thin

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