The Lying Continues

Beautiful, elegant and sophisticated

Would never have time for the kind, my kind

Confidently she went on and on

I thought one day I will be like her

But then again I don’t have her looks

But well may be I got her confidence!


Nothing at first, just indifference

But does it always happen?

So envious of one’s confidence and beauty?

Really? A trait none like the other

So forget it and continue with the indifference


Friendly messages,

Friendly good mornings,

A friendly touch here and there

Am hooked!

Why did I have to notice?

The beautiful smile,

The mole on top of her lip

How did I get myself so deep?


But maybe, just maybe

Am misleading the signals

I cannot have that

The heart is hooked

And the body is screaming for attention

So I just create a fantasy

Am conflicted, am lying again

And the days roll by


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