The Coward Within

Out, walking in the dusk

The smell of the moist earth, the wet vegetation

A flicker fly crosses my visage

The rivulet nearby hushes downwards

I think of you

Under your own steam by my side

This is divine

And it reminds me of my creator

Your head on my shoulder

As we inhale the natural tang of the earth

Why does it have to be imagined?

Why can’t it just happen as i envisage it?

Is it too much to ask

Then i remember

I can’t even accent my thoughts

As then I will be labelled

The lost, the decadent

That I can’t just encompass

I labor, trying to disregard you

When I just thought it was working

Your illustration crosses my psyche

I discount the stance elicited

Am stronger than this

Can’t have my verve gyrating around yours

I should impede the self inflicted torture

And once more start living

Save for then i commit to memory

I am a coward!

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