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Is it ALWAYS this Hard?

Ever looked forward to something

Just to learn that it was overrated

To learn it was not as promised?

All my life I have pretended to be

In Loving relationships

But it has always been for show

To my family, to my friends

But as it would have

I met this girl that i madly fell for

There is a catch though

We have no long evenings spent together cuddling

If any, they are scarce and spread,

We don’t have evenings full of laughter

On the contrary, if we are together any of the evening

All we do is fight

Who said that Love is all that matters?

Is it worth?

The tears?

The pain?

The mistrust?

Is it always this Hard?

Am I missing something?

Too Much for Me

I got this feeling, this feeling that she is selling herself short,

If you ask me she deserves better,

Yeah, what do I know about boy friends?

I cant even maintain one for more than a few weeks

Maybe that is it, most gals hold on to men becauses society expects them to

But I refuse to sell my self short

I refuse to be in that loveless relationship

I refuse to be in that stiffling kind of tie

Because I know I deserve much more

Much more than the society can ever understand

The society has never lived a minute of my life

So Society can as well go and f*** itself

Because I refuse to live by its strangling expectations!