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Why I Love you

Ask me again
why I love you?
So I can say:
With you I feel unabridged
without you my heart have
an unoccupied hovel.
I love you for you…
Your smile, your laugh.
I love you for the stupid
things you do.
I love to see you when you
first awake in the morning.
I just love the splendour of your
body with no shirt on.
Actions speak louder than
words, this I know.
Without a doubt in my mind or
any flaw you may find …
Ask me again
Why I’m with you?, Why I care about you
and do know that it all comes
down to three simple words
“I Love You”

If only it came with a disclaimer!

When did it become this hard?

Why was there no one to tell me?

That it is only grand for hours and sucks for days

That it does not guarantee me from the empty feeling?


Then maybe I would ran

Ran from the feelings that distress me

Ran from the feelings that craft me in to a feeble and vulnerable shell

Ran and never look back

If only it came with a disclaimer


Every morning as I open my eyes and look forward to a new day

Every evening as I look forward to rest my tired body

My prayer is to have the person I love by my side

To comfort me when am down

To understand me when am being illogical

To feel the emptiness in my heart with love

………if it only it came with a proviso

Then maybe I would have ran


I bundle and cry myself to sleep

The void in my heart so evident despite being so close

I look forward to the embrace that never is

I look forward to the comfort that rarely is

And I embrace the pain, the self doubt

And I realize I have been swindled

If only it came with a manual

Then all I would do is ran

And never Fall


I may not Love Again

I struggle to hold them tears inside

Tired of the daily streams flowing through my face

Who said love was good?

That love was beautiful?

That love was comforting?

Well, they lied

What they forgot to say

Was love hurts

Love is ugly

That love is a source of the pain that gnaws deep in your visceral

Twisting and salting your fresh wounds on the regular

I have loved, I have lost

I have felt pain that words could not describe

I love no more

No more care or worries

No more pain

I choose no more love

I seek love no more

I will ran from it with all I can

There is no gain

But deep wounds, that leave deep scars

And make us lose faith in humanity