Stop the Hypocrisy!

Recently I have been reading a lot about the  topic of homosexuality in the African countries contest more so in Kenya where I come from.

Homosexuality is not only taboo but is illegal as well in my country, the legality of not legalizing the unions between two adults of the same  sex has always eluded me

The reasons given vary from culture to religion

The two major reasons given just go ahead to illustrate how hypocritical Kenyans  and in general Africans are

A country that claims to be  a secular nation, using religion as a tool to oppress the minority.   I believe that following the teaching of certain religion remains a personal choice given your choices do not affect the quality of  your ‘neighbors’ life

To understand the hypocrisy behind the argument lets take an example; in both Christian and Islam teachings(the major religions subscribed in the country) fornication is a sin and yet fornication is rife among the masses! Why is it not illegal to have sex outside marriage if we are so God fearing country?

If union between same sex couples is not going to be legalized in the country I would love to see

Some penal code in the countries constitution prohibiting and illegalizing sexual activity of two unmarried people just as an example.

If  we take culture  as the reason why Gay and Lesbians are denied their rights as people, I would like to see us do away with the conventional clothes, houses, motor vehicles, money and go back to our old skin and loin clothes, huts and caves and good old barter trade. I would like to see Kenyans go back to worshipping their Gods!

In a nut shell what am trying to put across is that illegalizing homosexuality in the country for the reasons given is nothing but loads of hypocrisy for the government as well as the people who support it.

No one is being forced to be gay or lesbian, so if  your conscience and your beliefs do not agree with it be whatever you believe is right and live others to  choose their own paths.

4 thoughts on “Stop the Hypocrisy!”

  1. I could not agree more! There are so many countries and government around the world that pick and choose which parts of religion are important and which are not. My feeling being in America is if I have freedom of religion the why must I follow laws based on religions I do not practice? I think government and religion should be seperate everywhere in the world.

  2. Much to our dismay, much of the world’s mentality is dominated by religion and they will find ways of basing decisions off of that. It wouldn’t be so bad if the hypocrisy weren’t so rampant. I suppose the thing to do is to simply not allow yourself to get dominated by it. I personally shun all religion. I am gay and I’ve heard it all, trust me. We know that there is no reason for this oppression and we cannot allow ourselves to be conquered by such archaic beliefs. The point is to just live freely and forget what people say. Their ignorance will be their undoing.

  3. i have pigeonedholed myself my whole life due to the bashment of others using religion. why should i be affected by the faiths of religion that i do not subscribe to? No more will i curtail my freedom just to impress the masses. its time i let my self live

  4. its one thing to be judged mercilessly by the masses because you choose to live your life but its another when your choices (which i might add do not affect anyone) could land you in jail!

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