Why Do Men Think Lesbians Aren’t Lesbians???

Why Do Men Think Lesbians Aren’t Lesbians???

Why Do Men Think Lesbians Aren’t Lesbians???
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Down the memory lane

Sometimes its not easy to keep tabs of what you have been upto, recently i have found myself being reminded several times to do important things which I had forgotten
So the next thing i thought was if i could forget seemingly important information, what will happen to my experiences when i hit lets say maybe fifty?
My clarity of the events that happened to me in my teens  has dwindled, but despite this, some are as clear as if they just happened today…I still remember how hard my heart was beating when I first saw another set of boobs that were not mine….and they were not just from a random girl…oh no! they had to be Nanes!

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The Emptiness

I know she still loves me, I know she hasn’t left me but I have never been this sad. I have never felt this much emptiness ,I try to fill it with books, movies but nothing works I just end  breaking down. All I want is to hear are her assurances, Her declaration of her love to me. Is it too much to ask?

I check my phone every other minute, during the day, at night, I write to her, though no replies are forth coming But I have to believe that she wants to, she feels as bad, She just can’t contact me, not right now anyway….this believe keeps me sane but for how long?

This is just the first day How am I to take the next months, years? Just how?……does it get any better?

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To my girl

I can spend perpetuity looking into your eyes

In your arms time stands still

The universe conspires to give us bliss, our cosmos

You are the rose tinted glass through which I see the world

With you by my side, everything is flawless

Our Bliss…..our cosmos

The support so solid you give,

Available only to a propitious few

Pray that not the rain that we may face together in our lives

Nor the various ups and downs will sever the promise

But only act to strengthen, the love, the bond

My love

Mon amour

For all the the Todger Dodgers out there…we are alive… we are real