My First Time Lesbian Sex

“I met Luce on my job working as a waitress. All of us waitresses wore short booty shorts, tight t-shirts and high heels. It was hard walking around all night in those shoes but the tips made it up for it

Luce came in one afternoon with a group of friends. Sitting wide legged in the booth with a pair of dark baggy jeans, a white tee, and beige Doc marteins, at first glance I thought I’d just seen one of the most beautiful man to ever walk in the place. “But as I approached their table to take their order I realized that Luce was not a man but a stud. Her hair was short and she had a sexy wide smile. I quickly took their order and moved on to place it at the counter.

When I brought the group their appetizers, some of the party with the group had left and only Luce and the 3 others remained. I placed their order on the table and asked whether they were coming back or I should cancel the order of those who had left.

“They didn’t like what was on the menu as much as we did.” Luce said with a devilish smile and staring at me, however don’t cancel their order, we will eat it.

I finished serving the appetizers and left. For the next few minutes as I took an order from another table, my mind still lingered on the smile of the beautiful stranger with a devilish smile.

Luce order came up and one of my colleagues offered to help me to place it but for reasons I didn’t want to dwell on I declined the offer and took the order myself. I finished serving the food and drinks and turned to walk away when I felt a hand on my ass. Getting groped occasionally is part of the job and if you are friendly the tips are bigger. I turned around to smile at the gentleman who’d done it when I realized it was Luce. “She lightly touched my left ass cheek and held on for a second” “before letting go. “Nice ass!” she complimented softly before turning to her plate and beginning to eat.

My legs felt like Jell-O as I walked away from the table. I had never been attracted to a woman before, but feeling Luce’s hands on my ass had just caused me to cream in my panties. I quickly rushed to the bathroom to recollect and wipe myself.

As the evening progressed, Luce and her party requested to be moved to a table at one of the dark conors that had just been vacated. They remained there the whole afternoon and evening as other patrons came and went. They ordered more drinks and each time I served them, Luce would cop a feel of my ass or brush against my tits. The other men with her seemed oblivious to anything happening between me and Luce.

As I served them another pitcher of Long Island iced tea, Luce reached over and gently began to stroke up and down my bare thighs. As she stroked she pretended to engage me in conversation and so I did not have an excuse to move. Not that I wanted to. Her continued caressing had set me on fire. I took every chance I could to get back to their table (see, socializing with the clients is welcome as long as you don’t slack on your duties or overcome your visit). I took advantage of this and stood at their table making small talk for minutes on end as Luce stroked up and down my thighs stopping at my ass, squeezing gently, then working her way down again and none of the patrons was any wiser.  I got so horny that my pussy ached and throbbed. Ultimately, when I believed I could take no more she moved her hand away and asked for the check.

I returned with the check and found that she was seated alone. I laid their bill on the table and lingered while she removed her credit card. As she handed it to me she looked me in the eyes. “You like pussy?” she asked without hesitation.

“No. I… I have a boyfriend.” I stammered as her hands found their way back to rubbing on my bare legs.

“what does that got to with liking pussy?” she asked cupping my ass in her palm.

“I’m straight… I answered breathily

“Are you sure?” she asked with her hand inside my inner thigh and almost cupping me

“Yes. I’m sure.” I said and rushed from the table.

I looked around for any of my colleagues to return her card and her receipt but it was closing time and most of my colleagues were gone and those still around were busy with the clean-up and closing routines.

My body and mind in turmoil, I reluctantly walked back over to table. Luce was leaning sexily against the back of the booth with a single toothpick inside her mouth. She took her card, pocketed it and slowly signed her receipt…….

to be contiued in part 2

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