My First time lesbian sex…pt 2

When she was done she reached into her pants pocket and pulled out a fifty dollar note and a business card. She laid them both on the table.

“You know what to do if you change your mind,” She said while standing up and sexily walking out but only after giving my ass a gentle squeeze.

Later that night, I lay in my bed with my fingers buried between my pussy lips thinking of Luce. I justified that it was her maleness that had turned me on. The way she dressed like a man, and talked like a man, and her manly demeanor. Nevertheless, I had to admit to myself that in all my twenty-four years no man had ever made me as horny the way she did. Thinking of Luce I rubbed my clit faster until I came then I drifted off to sleep.

In the weeks that followed, she would come to the restaurant several times while I was on shift and sit at a booth in the darkest part of the restaurant and request for my service. She would flirt with me incessantly and I would flirt back. She would rub my bare thighs; cup my ass, she even once pinched my erect nipple through my thin tee. I convinced myself that I only allowed her to do these things for the great tips she gave. However, I knew that deep down inside I enjoyed all the attention. I began to anticipate the days she would come to the restaurant. After every visit to the restaurant, I would passionately masturbate to her fantasies

One-night Luce came into the restaurant alone and as usual sat at the dark booth. It was about two hours before closing time and she ordered a beer and a burger. I brought her food to the booth and waited for her usual flirting. Instead she began eating while completely ignoring me.  She was quite indifferent to my presence and I walked away feeling crestfallen. Luce ate her burger and ordered two other beers as the restaurant emptied out. Eventually, only she and a handful of overly drunk patrons remained. She signaled me over to her table.

“I’ll have the bill now.” She said without once looking up at me.

I returned to the kitchen to retrieve the check wondering what I’d done wrong.

“Why was she so indifferent? Why wasn’t she fondling and touching me?” I asked myself.

My ego bruised and my soul feeling heavy, I there and then decided that I would double my efforts to get her attention. I re-applied my lip gloss, adjusted my hair, pushed my boobs up higher in my tee to show a bit more cleavage, raised my shorts a few inches and sexily sauntered back to her booth with the bill. She gave me her credit card and I turned seductively and walked away knowing full well that her eyes were on my ass cheeks. I deliberately delayed a few minutes before returning to her table with the receipt.

She was standing when I returned and I observed her looking around the restaurant. Most of the other patrons were either gone or too drunk. She and I were alone in the dark corner of the booth she had been occupying the whole evening. Unexpectedly, she grabbed my waist and pulled me roughly to her. Before I could figure out what was going on, she pressed her lips hard against mine, she was kissing me and my mind emptied of everything around me except for the tongue which was demeaning an entrance to my mouth. I opened my mouth taking her tongue inside as she tried to shove it down my throat.

I kissed her back with the urgency and passion I had never felt before… At that moment, I could have done anything she asked, public decency be dammed!!

As abrupt as the kiss was, she released me and took a few steps from me…  I thought I saw vulnerability and hunger in her eyes, but it was too quick to be sure, soon the emotion was replaced by the indifference she had won the whole evening. “You have my number”. Call me.” She said then turned and walked out.

What the fuck just happened? I was in turmoil, my body was on fire, I was angry too…with Luce, for kissing me, with my body for betraying me…. I absentmindedly finished up cleaning my tables and took off home. All the way home I thought of that incendiary kiss, I rationalized the pros and cons of calling her….

I was unsettled and it was a miracle I got home safely.

I no longer had Luce’s card but I’d programmed her number the first night she came into the restaurant. As soon as I was inside my house, I pulled out my phone and thumbed through the contacts, pressed send and waited for her to answer……”

to be continued in the pt3

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