My First Lesbian sex …Pt 3

“Hi, its me” I said

“Hi me”, she responded laughing

“Its Di, from the restaurant you jackass” I said, joining her in laughing

“How are you?” she asked.

“Fine. I just got home from work and I have been thinking about what you said earlier.” I rambled hoping she would take the hint of where this conversation was going. 

“Is it a bad time?”

“No, not at all.” She answered.

“Good. I wouldn’t want to wake you up or something.” 

Awkward silence followed my words, who knew it was this hard to speak your mind when all you were thinking was sex. Finally, Luce spoke. “So why am having the pleasure of hearing from you Di?” she asked.

I shillyshallied. We both knew the reasons for my calling, but she just wanted to hear me say it. I sighed “You told me to call if I was ever interested, so…” I left the sentence hanging

“That’s true. So, tell me what you are interested in exactly Di?”

“You.” I said delicately.

“That can’t be true. You told me you don’t like pussy. I have a pussy Di.” 

“I know.” I managed to breathe out.

“Would you like to come over?” 

I got the directions from her and within a short while I was shyly knocking on her door. She casually let me in but not before she cruised me from head to toe. She was clad in a pair of grey shorts and a vest. For the first time in my life I noticed another woman’s breasts. She had long nipples that poked through the fabric.

“Have a seat.” She said. Would you like a drink? wine, beer? She asked as she moved towards the room I assumed to be the kitchen

I moved towards the sofa and sat down. On the coffee table I noticed there was a glass of red wine poured. 

“I will have the wine please” I answered as fidgeted with the hem of my dress

She offered me one and I took it from her hand and quickly gulped down several swallows.

“Relax, baby.” She said smiling at me.

“I’ve never… I mean this is the first time. You know am not a lesbian.” I finally managed to say.

She didn’t answer me instead she leaned over and kissed me. I welcomed her kissed and leaned into her as our tongues wrestled. For the next several minutes we held each other and shared kisses. Finally, when we came up for air, she reached up and brushed a hair from my face. “I’ve wanted you for a long time Di” “She said kissing me lightly again.

“I’ve wanted you too. Since the first day you flirted with me in the restaurant.” I admitted.

She answered by deliberating smothering  me with kisses. As she did she slowly began to undress me by pulling my tee over my head. She broke the kiss only briefly then massaged my breasts as she sucked on my lip.

As we kissed I was expertly maneuvered down the couch and she got on top of me. She smothered my breasts with kisses and licks and sucks as I moaned under her. Without taking her mouth and tongue from my nipples Luce hands reached down and pushed my shorts down the hips. I lifted my to assist in with the undressing.

I was looking control of my body as Luce slowly and achingly to trailed kisses down my body. I shivered in expectation as she expertly licked each and every exposed inch of my stomach working her way down. My pussy pulsated and creamed. She licked the top of my bare pussy before moving down to the excited swollen lips “Lightly she kissed them while flicking her tongue to lightly touch my clit. I was by then having her whole mouth covering my pussy. 

“Aaah Aaaaah mmmhh!!!” I moaned as got closer and closer to exploding. The climax was sudden and violent. Encouraged by my very violent climax, Luce pulled my legs over her shoulders pulling my pussy closer to her face. I felt her tongue twirling around and around my clit and I squirmed in her grasp as the sensations overtook me. Her tongue dashed in and out of her mouth fucking my pussy like a tiny slick wet dick. I bucked my hips against her face. My fantasies could not come close to comparing to the reality. I screamed her name over and over. “Oh Luce, Oh Luce, Oh suck my clit, Yes, Luce.” I screamed over and over. I completely lost count of how many times I came. I lay there with my body was glistening with sweat as I contemplated the best oral sex I’d ever experienced.

Finally, Luce slowed down her “rhythm and gently licked my pussy before working her way up my body. Our lips met and I tasted my pungent sweetness on her lips. Hungrily I sucked her tongue. Luce pulled back and took off her vest revealing her small tits. She offered me her nipple and I took it in my mouth and gently sucked. Luce leaned her pelvis into me and I felt something brush against me. It felt hard. It felt like a dick. I looked down and opened my eyes in surprise!

Luce stood up and stepped out of her boxer short and her strap on dick sprang out and pointed at me. She shifted me, I got so wet just seeing the extension that was now her dick that I left a puddle in her couch. She effortlessly arranged me to an sitting position and slid the dick deep inside my waiting very wet pussy. Slowly and gently at first she started some rocking motion as she gyrated her her hips in a gentle motion. I pulled her body to me and my hips met hers. “Fuck me Luce! Oh yes Fuck me good!”

That was all she needed as she began to pump into me madly punishing my pussy with her dick. She drove into me hard and fast and sucked on my neck. I took her nipples in my hands and twisted. she whimpered and fucked me faster and harder as I screamed and she grunted. 

She quickly flipped me into my stomach in the couch I arched my back and turned my ass to her. Quickly she entered me from behind and grabbed my ass cheeks with her palms as she rode me. I held tightly onto the back of the couch as she fucked harder and faster and harder and faster. I bucked my ass backward to meet each and every thrust as she slapped my ass turning it from light brown to bright red. 

With most men fucking this hard and fast would have taken them over the edge within a matter of only a few minutes but over an hour later, Luce was still fucking me swiftly. the pummeling I was receiving made me cum several times and I can only guess Luce was enjoying herself too as she also came hard before we changed positions.

She lay down on her back with the dick pointing upward obscenely and I straddled her. I rode the dildo Up and down, working both of us into a frenzy until I heard her scream she was coming yet again. “Exhausted we both collapsed in a sweaty pool on the floor.

I was tired but I was still horny for more. I rolled off the dick and straddled Luce’s face. Without hesitation she went into town on my pussy! how was it that I still wanted he so, she began to suck my clit squeezing my ass cheeks in her hand. In a few minutes i felt her let go of my ass but she continued to lick my clit. I would come too soon the way she was going, but to my disappointment, just when I thought I would get there, slowed down and entirely stopped. I felt like screaming my frustrations! Just before I could voice my objections, she asked me whether I wanted to try something different, she assured me that I didn’t have to and if I did and at any moment I felt uncomfortable we would stop. I was so horny at that instance I would have done anything if it meant I would cum. I said yes, and she rearranged herself in such a way that we were in the sixty-nine position. Her pussy was literally on my face and for a moment I forgot about my horniness and I got intrigued by what lay inches from my mouth. I didn’t know what to do, so I decided to do to her what I liked done to me. Tentatively I licked her glistening lips and savored the flavor, I liked how that tasted and the whimpers that were coming from Luce, so I dug in with gusto, trying everything, I licked her lips, sucked her clit and lapped on the never-ending flowing juices. Discernibly, it was the right thing because before long she was moaning and screaming out my name. Our naked bodies entangled on the floor we lapped at each other’s dripping wet pussies. We made love to each other until the wee hours of the morning. 

Later as I lay snuggled to Luce’s  naked body listening to her snore lightly I contemplated how much my life and perceptions had changed since meeting Luce. I admired her resting face but knew I had to leave before she woke up and things got awkward.  I quietly creeped out the bed and out of her house, but I knew from that day on, I was hooked. I could not ever go back to having sex with men!  

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