Somewhat this is not right,

The churn in my stomach,

The scuttle in my mind,

The anticipation    

What am I really looking forward to?

Who is causing all the havoc in my mind?


Am confused. Am out of line

But more so in my mind

Who? I ask

The answers, as diverse as my digits

Loyalty? Loneliness?

Which does win eventually

If it came to the heave

Which one will break?


Thirty six hours

And counting…

Tick toc tick…….

Am getting desperate

yearn for some situation

A vindicated situation

Where only me will discern

The real reason behind the fedora


I think of you,

I inscribe of you,

And Voila! Your name pops in my mail box

Call it extrasensory perception,

but I choose to call it…….

No, my mind vetoes the idea

And that’s how I mislay my intellect

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