Hurry Home Baby, Hurry!

Flashdance... What a Feeling
Flashdance… What a Feeling (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When the feeling inside is suffocating

When all you feel is a tightness in your gut

Placing a hand on the issue becomes the major obstacle


Maybe, its because am new in the neighbourhood

Or maybe its because my roomie is moving out

Or because my bro is anxious to be on their own

Or just maybe its because of your absence!

The loneliness gnawing at my viscerals

The feeling that I would absolutely pay not to have


Hard at work I emmerse myself

But nothing short of a miracle will wipe the lonely feeling

The miracle of your being next to me

Days, hours, minutes I count

Looking forward to the end of each agonizing day

And the start of a no better night

And through it all, I get it

I know why I choose you, or rather I was choosen by you

Hurry home honey, your essence I await


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