How can it be so wrong ?


Oh you found me, you held me against the wall and right there you had me. For This I have waited forever! My breadth caught in my throat, the blood rushed to my face and my heart could be heard meters away, right there in the public you had me, made love to me and I did not resist for the feeling was so strong but before I could join the world of the loving….


Jay….? Jay…..? the voice interrupts my most treasurable thoughts, am back in the world of the working! what an anticlimax!


This inscription are with the hope that one day you will stumble on  and realize it was meant for you. I have tried to discount the feeling you elicit but in vain. Every time am around you there is a race in my heart , every time I think of you there is a glaze in my eyes. I guess if only I knew where your heart stands it would be easier on me as then I would decree my stance for you.

You leave me befuddled and excited as well, where do you stand? Why do you give me all this conflicting signals?


May be if it were legal and the norm, I wouldn’t hesitate proclaiming my feelings towards you

All I want to do is hold and kiss you, then the guilt of lusting for you without your knowledge encompasses me

 I should  be able to Treat you like the queen you are

But how do I start? Why do you tease me so?


I will  take some time, but then am losing some precious instance, I should just come and have a conversation with you but hey remember am a coward! That I dare not do. I guess in the end I will just have to accept that it will never be,

That is too much for my puny compassion to take so I scheme each day and I know ultimately you will be mine and I will be yours and it will be all worth it.

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      1. Try and befriend her first. Find out what she likes then use that to your advantage. For example, if she likes plays, you can get tickets and then pretend that you just happened to have a pair and then you can invite her.

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