The disillusionment

Gnawing on my viscera like a scrounger

feeling as if I have outlived my expediency

I need to sever the series of dire news, misfortunes and disappointments


I try some composition

Need to wedge everyone away

Then can I by no means  get hurt

And maybe, just maybe I can conk out the vicious circle


You promised to be empathetic

Or so I notion

I need to be by my self

Completely in isolation

Then maybe, I can get rid of the dark cloud

That is hovering above me

Teasing me

Wanting to break me


I should scream,

 But should I still get your image?

Please do not refute me that

And when I look at it

I can remind me of the promise that never was

Though so real in my essence


Am drowning

I need out!

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