If you’re going to learn to live with disappointments you’ll need a good supply of disappointments. Having one or two disappointments, and taking them in stride, does not qualify you as knowing how to live with them.

If it rains once in a while, or it rains only during the rainy season, you can put up with it and you know how to deal with it. But if it rains 365 days a year, that is when you have to seriously consider how to learn to live with rain.

So if you want to learn how to live with disappointments, the first step is to get enough of them. You certainly need more disappointments than achievements and successes. But if the disappointments only barely exceed the successes, that is still not good enough, or bad enough.

One bright sunny day more than makes up for a string of rainy days. You need lots of disappointments. Good ones, big ones, major ones. Disappointments that knock you over, such that it takes you a month to get over one. Then you’ll be able to get a training course on how to live with disappointments.

And then you’ll need my services. I teach people how to live with disappointments. I’m an expert at this. My life is nothing but a string of disappointment after disappointment. I’ve never succeeded at anything in life. And I’m still living. That proves I know how to live with disappointments.

The first step in learning how to live with disappointments is the word “live.” Don’t worry about the learning part just yet. And put the thought of overcoming disappointments out of your mind. All that will come later, if ever. But you must live. And living begins with something as basic as drawing breath.

Yes, many people forget such basic necessities when burdened by disappointments. You must remember to breathe. Breathe deeply, the way they do in yoga. Breathe, and eat. Yes, eating also is an essential part of life. Being disappointed doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat.

Be careful, though. Many people go the other extreme and eat too much. They eat to drown out their disappointments. They end up drowning themselves, of burying themselves, in food. Eat, but eat within limits, just as you breathe, but don’t hyperventilate.

Everyone has disappointments. Most disappointments are balanced out by achievements. In fact most people can probably boast more achievements than disappointments. When they have the odd disappointment they can get over it without being very much upset by it. Now, while all this is taking place you must make sure your supply of disappointments does not diminish.

If you’re going to live with disappointments you must have a steady supply of disappointments. Many people feel that to learn to live with disappointments means trying to overcome disappointments, and learning to achieve more. But that would be defeating the purpose.

If you get over your disappointments you’ll lose the knack of living with them. Then, if you suffer disappointments again, you’ll be back where you began. It’s like exercise. Once you’ve reached a certain level of fitness you don’t give up exercising. You have to continue your training to stay in shape.

Having disappointments constantly in your life helps you stay in shape. The more disappointments you have, the more you’ll be able to live with disappointments. If you find yourself running low on disappointments, and beginning to achieve more than you used to, that is not a good sign.

You must pursue disappointments with diligence. You’ll have to be aggressive in your pursuit. Disappointments are shy animals. The more you pursue them the more they shy away from you. But you mustn’t give up.

If you reach a point where you just cannot get hold of any more disappointments, you can come see me. I can help you with a load of disappointments. I always have tons to spare. I have so many disappointments I doubt if I’d be able to recognize an achievement if I saw one.

What we can do, then, is we can trade my disappointments for your successes. This way you can stay in shape by having a steady supply of disappointments, and I can stay in shape by having a steady supply of successes. If it works, I shall probably be able to offer you a discount on my services. Think about it.


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  1. This is not my piece originally, it is from a friend and thought it would be almost illegal not to share. No plagiarism intended. M.M this was great!

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