Delightful Torment!

I hear your voice my heart flatters
I see you and the heart takes a leap
You look at my direction and I liquefy on the spot
So much delightful torture

Knowing I can never have you
Or I may never know how it could be
Since there is too much to lose
Too much to risk
being of my kind? I will never discern for certain
So for now I enjoy the torment
Hoping I make you feel the same

I just love listening to you talk
but you have me attending meetings I don’t need to
Just to be close to you
I see you hug others and I wish I was them
I watch you smile to others and assume you are smiling at me
I allow you to fill my head every night before I lay to sleep
And in my dreams we do things to each other
Only to wake and realize the flimsy smoke
Oh such delicious torture

7 thoughts on “Delightful Torment!”

        1. You are courageous girl, thats for sure
          for me, i never act on it, Too afraid of getting it wrong, or being pushed away so i stay in my bubble

    1. Sometimes its hard to tell what am afraid of, but you never know when dealing with a closeted homophobe and end up with a sexual harrasment tag
      It complicates things further if the person of your desire works in the same place as you. A gal got to earn a living and losing the job is out of the question

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