Coming out to MUM, Finally!

I should have known she knew more than I thought

But it never crossed my mind that she did

It never crossed my mind that I would be the one ‘’outing’’ myself to her

So it came as a surprise to me when I told her that it was true

Yes mum I live with a girl! I exclaimed

That’s right,  am in love with her too and have been for a while now

The words that followed were no surprise to me

What did I expect? Of course there was going to be a melt down

The mixture of reprieve and  misery crammed my heart

I had finally told her the truth……But the malevolent things she was saying?

I adored, my mother

I was convinced that all my life she would always support me

Well, I was about to be proved wrong, there were some conditions to the sustain

As I listened and defended my queen

I must say I was surprised that I never dropped the phone or disconnected

On and on we went………. A shouting march

The days to follow would be the hardest ………….

(to be continued)

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