My First Lesbian sex …Pt 3

“Aaah Aaaaah mmmhh!!!” I moaned as got closer and closer to exploding. The climax was sudden and violent. Encouraged by my very violent climax, Luce pulled my legs over her shoulders pulling my pussy closer to her face.

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Down the memory lane


Sometimes its not easy to keep tabs of what you have been upto, recently i have found myself being reminded several times to do important things which I had forgotten
So the next thing i thought was if i could forget seemingly important information, what will happen to my experiences when i hit lets say maybe fifty?
My clarity of the events that happened to me in my teens  has dwindled, but despite this, some are as clear as if they just happened today…I still remember how hard my heart was beating when I first saw another set of boobs that were not mine….and they were not just from a random girl…oh no! they had to be Nanes!

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