My blessing, my curse

Am just a girl A hurting girl A crying girl… Advertisements


To my girl


I can spend perpetuity looking into your eyes

In your arms time stands still

The universe conspires to give us bliss, our cosmos

You are the rose tinted glass through which I see the world

With you by my side, everything is flawless

Our Bliss…..our cosmos

The support so solid you give,

Available only to a propitious few

Pray that not the rain that we may face together in our lives

Nor the various ups and downs will sever the promise

But only act to strengthen, the love, the bond

My love

Mon amour

Why I Love you


Ask me again
why I love you?
So I can say:
With you I feel unabridged
without you my heart have
an unoccupied hovel.
I love you for you…
Your smile, your laugh.
I love you for the stupid
things you do.
I love to see you when you
first awake in the morning.
I just love the splendour of your
body with no shirt on.
Actions speak louder than
words, this I know.
Without a doubt in my mind or
any flaw you may find …
Ask me again
Why I’m with you?, Why I care about you
and do know that it all comes
down to three simple words
“I Love You”

How do you STOP Loving someone who Hurts you?

I think the problem is that people feel that they should be able to forget or get over things. When you love someone and give them a piece of your heart, I don’t believe you ever get it back. You will always love them and care about them, the solution is time. Time makes it easier to look at it Continue reading How do you STOP Loving someone who Hurts you?

Is it ALWAYS this Hard?

Ever looked forward to something Just to learn that it was overrated To learn it was not as promised? All my life I have pretended to be In Loving relationships But it has always been for show To my family, to my friends But as it would have I met this girl that i madly fell for There is a Continue reading Is it ALWAYS this Hard?