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Too Much for Me

I got this feeling, this feeling that she is selling herself short,

If you ask me she deserves better,

Yeah, what do I know about boy friends?

I cant even maintain one for more than a few weeks

Maybe that is it, most gals hold on to men becauses society expects them to

But I refuse to sell my self short

I refuse to be in that loveless relationship

I refuse to be in that stiffling kind of tie

Because I know I deserve much more

Much more than the society can ever understand

The society has never lived a minute of my life

So Society can as well go and f*** itself

Because I refuse to live by its strangling expectations!

Am I Really a Woman?

The other day I was doing some reading and came upon a very interesting read, called the Thirteen terribly weird facts about women which made me wonder, if this were true and all women shared the below traits was I really a woman

Below were the alleged facts about women Continue reading Am I Really a Woman?

Stop the Hypocrisy!

Recently I have been reading a lot about theĀ  topic of homosexuality in the African countries contest more so in Kenya where I come from.

Homosexuality is not only taboo but is illegal as well in my country, the legality of not legalizing the unions between two adults of the sameĀ  sex has always eluded me Continue reading Stop the Hypocrisy!