Before you make that important decision

If you are thinking of saying yes to that proposal from your boyfriend, there are some things you need to seriously think about. Deciding if you are ready to make the commitment is only half the battle. You have to be absolutely sure that the man in your life is someone you will want to share the rest of your life with.

Love alone (as proven by the many divorces happening in our era) is not enough to make a marriage work.

Here are some of the tell tales that should be able to guide you if your man is a husband material

He is controlling and has an uncontrollable temper; the man who gets really mad after a small issue is not the man you want to spend the rest of your life with, believe me it only gets worse after you say I do

If he is overly jealous, although a little bit of jealous is essential for a healthy relationship, extreme jealousy arises in a relationship because of high levels of insecurity. If your man is jealous of every man who comes near you, refuses to accept you have male friends and feels threatened when you discuss previous relationship putting his ring on your finger is not going to make him more secure

He never admits he is wrong and only finds excuses for his mistakes, refuses to admit his faults or even treat you as an equal is not the marrying kind.

If he has ever cheated on you, mostly she will do it again

Lastly the way you elate to her in the bedroom will have a big impact on whether your marriage will survive or not. If your libidos differs wildly from each other, then something should alert you of a divergence in future

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