Why Kenyan-lesbian blog?

love and let Love 

You may ask, why a http://www.Kenyanlesbian.com blog? As a  lesbian having been brought up in this homophobic society that I all home, the odds were set against me and my chances of happiness were slim. I learned early enough  to come up with clever ways to survive. 

I may not be the placard carrying, chanting kind of a lesbian but I can surely write, hide behind my screen and shout to the whole world that I am a lesbian living in Kenya and all the homophobes can go hang! but that’s where my activism ends, but with headlines like this https://www.sde.co.ke/article/2000160933/kenyan-family-under-threat-as-gays-lesbians-get-more-tolerance-acceptance can you blame me?

remember it is not only taboo to be a homosexual in my country  but it is also illegal and if caught, it can land you in jail for fourteen frigging years!!! just for licking some pussy and liking it!!  So don’t judge me if i don’t go running in the street crying for gay rights oh you so RIGHTEOUS ONE!! 

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